Hey fellow flyers the 2015 season is upon us so let’s go flying….

It’s great to see everyone at the field on these super nice Spring days. Let’s make this the most active flying season ever. Great new airplanes and technologies are showing up at the field, FPV, Quads and very fast airplanes. Don’t miss out, come out and show your stuff.

Here comes the sun!

Congrats to Joe Ray on his maiden with the Spacewalker….Great job setting it up….

Dusty rocking the raptor

Parking lot upgrades

Thank you Dusty for the great job in preping the parking lot and laying down the gravel. Also thanks to all that showed up to help, but missed out on the work when the gravel delivery was delayed about 3 hours. I have posted some pictures of the finished work. Due to the hard work from everyone, we have a great flying site with a million dollar view of the Cascade Mountain Range.


Look at the New Tables

We had a great turn out Saturday and the weather was just right. We were able to cut/assemble 14 new tables and reduce the old tables to firewood. The table area was leveled, the blocks layed/leveled and the tables set. Also the sprinklers were reset/lowered and four new ones installed. This all was done between 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM. I just knew it would be a two day ordeal. Good job everyone, thank you all.

We are scheduling gravel to be placed around the tables and part of the parking lot next week. That and fill a few holes in the runway, we should be set for the year.

WWII P40 Pilot

Received a picture of Ray Kerfoot the WWII pilot that built a foamy P51 and wanted us to fly it for him. Joe and I got it setup, trimmed out and flown last Sunday. I posted his picture in the Picture Gallery. He is proudly holding his baby.

What a day!

Great day out at the field! Beautiful, sunny and hot? Surprise guest dropped by the field, P40 pilot from WW2 – we were honored and he is looking forward to flying his new model.

Beautiful winter day

Alot of flying at the field! Looking forward to a great year.

Another great summer day and…

We got the second camera up! A big thank you goes out to Lynn and team for mounting, and Gary for getting her focused. We will keep refining the cameras as we see fit. For now, they are in good shape. It should be a good rest of the summer out her in CO. A great club, great flying and great people.

Great Summer Day of Flying

A lot of pilots at the field today, and many cools planes, and helis ;). Congrats to Pat on his maiden voyage.

While we have had the cams up and running for a bit, it has been a challenge getting them live on the website. I am happen to announce that the first cam is live and publishing to the site. We are using sensr.net to host the images and to create a time lapse. Checkout the cam here and feel free to choose the link “Cascade Flyers Field” at the top of the cam widget to see the time lapse. We should have the other cam up and running within the week.

We need members to post up photos and stories. Please ping me and we will get you a login.

Have a great week,